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  1. Carelton Mellick III again

    I've been reading more of Mellick's books that I had to purchase paperbacks of since they aren't available on Kindle. I wish I had paid more attention to the order he wrote them when I was making all my purchases since I've read some of his stories out of order. I don't feel like it's made a huge difference but I do look reading an authors works in the order they wrote them to see how they evolved.

  2. Carelton Mellick III

    I've really gotten into Carelton Mellick books lately, I'm not sure why but the way his stories are just so random and animated make them a fun read for me. Melissa says that because they're mostly so short I should stop buying them but really I don't care. It even has me thinking about trying to write and self publish through Amazon.

  3. Really love Pelican

    I forgot how much I enjoy how simple pelican is. I decided to incorporate bootstrap using the "fresh" pelican theme and I think that having this a new toy might get me to blog again. I'm still trying to decide if I want to write a script to port all the posts from and back into this new site. It makes sense but I probably won't bother until this weekend.

  4. Hello World

    This morning I found out that my site had been hacked so I created a new virt and setup new blogging software so I don't have to deal with wordpress vulnerabilities.

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